Have you come across an amphibian or reptile that you would like to share with us?  Need an individual identified? If so, please use the following form to submit your observation.

Please include the location with as much detail as possible. Providing road miles from the nearest intersection is a great way of insuring precise locality data as is providing latitude and longitude coordinates for the observation. Keep in mind as well that for a submission to be counted, we must have a clear picture where the individual is identifiable. In focus photos taken with  digital cameras or cell phones work great.

If you wish to submit many records at once, or if you have older print photographs or slides with locality data that you wish to submit, please contact us and we will get back to you on how you can get those to us.

By sending us your observation, you are giving us permission to use the data and photos/audio/video that you submit for inclusion into the hep atlas and photo voucher database at the Auburn University Museum of Natural History.  We thank you for your submission.

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