BA Ohio State University
MS Ohio State University
PhD Ohio State University

Julian Dusi was perhaps the crucial hire in developing the strong field-oriented research lineage at Auburn University. As was typical of the time, Julian was so broad in his training and interests that he basically taught every course in his long and illustrious career at Auburn. Most importantly, he started both the mammalogy and ornithology collections and maintained them over a lengthy tenure that saw them move several times as the department and collections grew. The mammalogy and ornithology courses were two of his main responsibilities and these were used to develop the collections. Julian also provided important series of specimens to the herpetological collections, both as portions of courses taught during his career and as part of his many research projects. Julian retired in 1992 and it took at least two faculty hires to replace his expertise. He produced two PhD and one MS students during his career who worked in the field of herpetology.


Herpetology Students Advised

Fugler, Charles
(1967, PhD)
An analysis of the geographic, sexually dimorphic, and geographic variations among the autochthonous and certain critical extra-territorial populations of the anole, Anolis sagrei Dumeril and Bibron (Reptilia: Iguanidae)
Folkerts, George
(1968, PhD)
The genus Desmognathus Baird, (Amphibia: Plethodontidae) in Alabama
Geno, Rodney Alex
(1978, MS)
A helminth parasite survey of Siren lacertina, the greater siren