BS William and Mary
MS William and Mary
PhD University of Texas

Ray Henry is part of a lineage of researchers at Auburn that has advanced our knowledge about physiological ecology of amphibians and reptiles. His expertise is in the role of carbonic anhydrase in respiratory physiology and he has used crab gills as a primary research focus. However, his lab has also produced critical research on bimodal breathing in vertebrates, a field that examines those organisms that are able to exchange gases both in aquatic and terrestrial environments. His work and that of his students have focused on turtles and Amphiuma and have been important in highlighting evolutionary modifications of respiratory surfaces and the ecological importance of bimodal breathing in variable environments.


Herpetology Students Advised

Stone, Paul
(1990, MS)
Bimodal breathing and diving behavior in softshell, stinkpot, and mud turtles
Prassack, Sheryl
(1996, MS)
Physiological and behavioral responses of Apalone ferox and Chrysemys picta to changing temperature and aquatic PO2
Baggato, Brian
(1997, MS)
The effects of exercise and forced submergence in pond sliders and softshell turtles