The fish collection at Auburn University is among the most important collections of fishes from the southeastern United States.  Currently, over 750,000 preserved specimens in over 68,000 lots are cataloged in the collection and an additional few thousand lots await cataloging. Particularly strong are collections from all over Alabama and Georgia. These collections include some of the few major collections from the southeastern United States made prior to 1950. Also included are specimens of most fish species of the United States and a significant collection of marine fishes from the Gulf of Mexico. The fish collection also includes a strong Neotropical fish collection from Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Guyana, Panama, Peru, and Venezuela. There are also significant collections from Africa and Southeast Asia. The collection is currently 100% computerized.

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Ichthyology Staff

Jonathan Armbruster, Ph.D.
Director, Auburn University Museum of Natural History
Curator of Fishes
131 Biodiversity Learning Center (Office)
101 Rouse Life Sciences Bldg. (Mail)
Auburn University, AL 36849
Tel: (334) 844-9261
Lab: (334) 844-9258
Fax: (334) 844-9234
Email Jonathan W. Armbruster
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David Werneke
Fishes Collections Manager
132 Biodiversity Learning Center
Auburn University, AL 36849
Tel: (334) 844-7345
Email David Werneke

Research Associates

Carol Johnston, Ph.D. (Personal Home Page)


Volunteer workers in the ichthyology collection perform tasks vital to the maintenance and use of the specimens. During their volunteer activities, they become experienced in curatorial functions, gain familiarity with the fish fauna, and have the opportunity to interact with a variety of scientists. For more information or to volunteer your services contact us.