Volunteer Resources


Hello FrogWatch USA™ volunteers. Look here to find resources to help you out with all aspects of FrogWatch. We will be constantly adding to this page as we find materials. Don’t see something you need?  Let us know and we will try to find it.  Have something that others may find useful let us know and we can post it on here. As always you can check out the national FrogWatch USA site for more resources.

The FrogWatch USA FieldScope Platform

Use the FrogWatch USA FeldScope Platform to register a site, add call data, view your data or to explore data from throughout the country. For more information on how to use the FieldScope platform, see the FrogWatch FieldScope Training Videos below.


Wetland Site Registration Form (PDF) (Word)

Observation Data Sheet (PDF) (Word)

Resources for Learning Frog Calls

Below are links to websites which contain frog calls available to listen to.

FrogWatch USA Alabama Frog Species

This resource provided by FrogWatch USA list some of the Frog species found in Alabama along with links to more information and their calls.

The USGS Frog Call Lookup

This great USGS site allows you to look up a frog by common or scientific name and hear its call. It is a great place to learn. And when you are ready to test your self, you can take their FROG QUIZ and see how you do. It is great practice with instant feedback.

SREL Frogs and Toads of South Carolina and Georgia

This frog and toad page is part of the University of Georgia’s Savannah River Ecology Laboratory (SREL) Herpetology Program’s website. Each species call can be found on their species page.

The Frogs and Toads of North Carolina

This is the frog and toad page of the Amphibians and Reptiles of North Carolina site. This is a nice site operated by Davidson Herpetology. Click on a species to be taken to its page and then click on listen to call.

The Frogs and Toads of Tennessee Sound ID Page

A site highlights the calls of 21 species of  frogs found in Tennessee. Many of these species are also found in Alabama.

FrogWatch FieldScope Training Videos

To get started with FieldScope, FrogWatch has created a series of handouts and videos meant to familiarize us with the new platform. Check out the tutorials below to learn more and let us know what you think