Welcome to the Auburn University Museum of Natural History (AUMNH) Chapter of FrogWatch USA™.  FrogWatch USA™ is a nationwide Citizen Science Project aimed at conserving amphibians by documenting frog call activity throughout the nation.

Bird-voiced Treefrog (Hyla avivoca)

Participation is fun, and it’s a great way to learn about amphibians and of getting to know your local wetlands and frog and toad species. Volunteers learn to identify frog and toad calls and document their calling activity at a local wetland that they select.

You do not have to be a frog and toad expert to participate. You just need a desire to participate and the willingness to learn the calls of the frogs and toads in your area. We will provide all of the tools you need to participate at the volunteer training workshops. If you are interested in participating, please register for one of the workshops below.

2023 FrogWatch USA Volunteer training workshops:

    • We are past the 2022 FrogWatch USA season and no more volunteer training workshops are planed for this year. However, we are already in the process of preparing next year’s training schedule. Please check back for updates. If you have a suggestion for a possible workshop location or are interested in participating, please let us know.

Join us at one of these workshops and learn how you can help our wetland neighbors. Each workshop will include an optional wetland walk after sunset to practice our frog call identification and to demonstrate the data collection process.

Can’t make one of the above workshops?

Let us know. New workshops are always on the horizon and can be scheduled if there is enough interest. Additionally, FrogWatch USA is now making available online volunteer training. The online training course covers the same material as the volunteer workshops and can be completed at your own pace. For more information on online training contact AUMNH FrogWatch or visit the FrogWatch USA e-learning page.

Volunteer Resources

Need a helping hand? Check out our FrogWatch Volunteer Resource Page. There you can practice you frog call ID’s, review training material, and get help, hints, and more. We will be continually adding more information and helpful resources, so check back often. If you find that there is something missing that would be helpful, or if need any specific information or resource, please let us know and we will do our best to make it available. Additionally you can find more information at the national FrogWatch USA website.